New Forest Autoclean

Mercedes C Class Polish

Spot Polishing to Remove or Improve Scratches

The owner of this shiny C Class had several small scratches dotted around the car that were letting it’s overall appearance down. In most cases the […]

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Brilliant Red Audi TT Covered in Fence Paint

Removing Sadolin Fence Paint From a Car’s Paintwork

Unfortunately I was called out to help this customer assess what to do with their lovely 2008 Audi TT which had had overspray from fence paint […]

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BMW 1 Series With Matte Wrap

Getting a Great Finish on Matte Wraps

Matte wraps are pretty popular these days and they certainly make cars stand out. A problem they pose for a detailer and a the car’s owner […]

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Water Stain on Car Seat

Removing Water Stains From Car Seats

This one is a very annoying issue. One of my pet hates really. I think water stains irk me so much as they can make a […]

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