Getting a Great Finish on Matte Wraps

BMW 1 Series With Matte Wrap

Matte wraps are pretty popular these days and they certainly make cars stand out. A problem they pose for a detailer and a the car’s owner is that they tend to show water spots, streaks and marks a lot more than a traditional paint finish. The 1 Series I recently worked on above featured a very matte finish in black and this style of wrap (and colour) in particular tends to show any imperfections with your drying process! Additionally, in most cases, you can’t apply a traditional wax on the wrap as particles get stuck to the finish and don’t buff off correctly. So for this application I thoroughly recommend a spray wax or sealant – and the use of some clean, soft microfibre drying towels.

When I arrived the little BMW above was contaminated with a lot of tree sap, some diesel stains around the fuel filler and some water stains within the wrap where hard water drops had dried in. After a thorough clean I managed to get a nice even sheen on the wrap using Autoglym Spray Wax as the LSP. This product not only helped with the drying stage but also will provide the wrap with a little bit of protection from the elements over the coming weeks.

New Forest Autoclean
New Forest Autoclean
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