Removing Sadolin Fence Paint From a Car's Paintwork

Unfortunately I was called out to help this customer assess what to do with their lovely 2008 Audi TT which had had overspray from fence paint splattered all over its Brilliant Red paintwork. The car had been parked near large wooden fences in a commercially owned office parking area. The person treating the fences was obviously blissfully unaware that they were splattering some of the parked cars with horrible sticky Sadolin fence paint!


Brilliant Red Audi TT Covered in Fence Paint

Sadolin spots all over the bonnet.


After test removing a few spots I suggested to the client that they book the car in for a Protection Detail with the idea that Valet Pro Citrus Tar and Glue Remover could do most of the hard work in removing the Sadolin. However, once the detail was under way it was clear the Tar and Glue Remover wasn’t making much of a dent on at least half of the paint blobs. The Sadolin proved a very tough thing to remove and was sticking very keenly to the paint. In the end the only way to remove all the fence paint without damaging the paintwork was via a G3 Claymitt – which worked very well. So the whole car was cleansed with clay and the sealed with trusty Collinite 476s – leaving a shiny finish that would protect the paint for the year ahead.

Here are the finished results, the TT back looking how it should:




Audi TT Detail in Hythe

Nasty Sadolin fence paint blobs removed!


Audi TT Detail in Hythe

The finished car


If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have your car covered in fence paint then don’t worry too much – in most cases it can be removed – give claying a try, it worked a treat here!

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