Removing Water Stains From Car Seats

This one is a very annoying issue. One of my pet hates really. I think water stains irk me so much as they can make a pretty clean seat look awful. Giving the impression that there’s some horrible substance that has created the mark and it’s still living within the seat’s fabric! I know it’s a problem that many car owners struggle to overcome as water stains or marks are very easily created. If you’ve ever spilt something in your motor and then tried to clean it up you’ll probably have created a water mark. There is definitely a technique to cleaning interior stains and not leaving any excess residue or moisture behind so as to leave a long lasting clean finish.

Water Stain on Car Seat

Unsightly water stains after a previous attempt to clean a spillage.


The image above shows a mixture of water and cleaning fluid residue that has left a long lasting stain on the seat. Very annoying for the owner as although the original spill has been cleaned from the seat, this water mark looks equally unsightly and tarnishes an other wise great looking seat. To remove this I applied Autoglym Super Interior cleaner and massaged the area with a clean short pile microfibre cloth. Once I could no longer see evidence of the water stains, I then used a chamois to dry off excess cleaning product. This left the seat dry to the touch and looking factory fresh again.

Water Stain Removed from Car Seat

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