Spot Polishing to Remove or Improve Scratches

The owner of this shiny C Class had several small scratches dotted around the car that were letting it’s overall appearance down. In most cases the scratches were not deep but very noticeable in direct sunlight. In these kinds of cases, when the panels are in mostly good condition, spot polishing the scratched areas can work really well in restoring a car’s paint to something more like the day it rolled out of the factory.

As this car was fairly young and had been looked after very well by the owner a spot polish to remove or improve those scratches was just the ticket. This works out cheaper than a full paint enhancement but works extremely well in the areas that are letting the car down aesthetically. The work here involved a Rotary with a Farecla hard compound spot pad and a Menzerna 2300 Power Finish. This combo completely removed scratches that hadn’t gone deep into the lacquer and those that had gone deep were greatly improved. Due to time I didn’t get any before and afters of the individual scratches but managed to grab a snap on the phone when we were all finished up. Looking gleaming.

Mercedes C Class Polish

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