Is Detailing The Same As Valeting?

It can be confusing for people in the UK when they hear the word ‘detailing’. It’s a term that’s frequently used and understood in Australia and the US but is only just started to become more recognised here.

Valeting is usually a term to describe car cleaning, where the main objective is to get the car free of dirt and to make it look respectable. A valet usually involves the use of a spray wax or base level hand-wax to protect the car’s paint for a month or so after the valet. When done well, using good products (as we do), valets can be a fantastic way to keep your car clean and looking nice. However there are hand car wash locations that have given valeting a bad name, where, through use of aggressive cleaning fluids and rough sponges, paint and wheels can be damaged or marked. This is why, at New Forest Autoclean, we only use high quality products from the industry’s best manufacturers for our valeting or detailing services.

Detailing a Leather InteriorOn a basic level, detailing takes car cleaning up a step from valeting. With a detail the aim is not only to clean your car but also to enhance its appearance, often removing paint defects, tar spots, oil stains, ingrained marks and providing a deep lustrous shine. Expensive, technically engineered products are used to maximise the clarity of the car’s paint ensuring the finish is close to perfection. Additionally, a detail involves using protective products that last a lot longer than the wash and wax used at a local hand car wash, meaning that when you next clean your car, your job is easier as the paint is already well protected – dirt just falls off as the wax or sealant prevents it from adhering to your paint surfaces. All these benefits do come at a price, high quality services usually do, detailing services are much more expensive than valets with full paint correction taking anywhere between 5 and 40 hours plus. However we feel our detailing packages are well worth the price tag considering that our work can dramatically improve the aesthetics, and in turn, the re-sale value of your vehicle. A car buyer forms an initial impression of a vehicle based on the condition of its paint and bodywork, a defect free, glossy finish enables the buyer to command a higher premium, safe in the knowledge that their vehicle will be one of the best prepared in the country.

The products we use here at New Forest Autoclean are selected specifically for each individual process – whether it be cleaning two-piece alloy wheels or an alcantara roof-lining, we use our years of experience in cleaning vehicles to ensure the best products are used for each situation. Although we have attended training courses held by industry leading manufacturers, we are not contractually obliged to stock any particular brands. This allows us the freedom to simply pick a product that is correct for the car and for the customer – which is just the way we like it. We tend to only use products on our valets and details that we’ve had experience with on our own cars – we want to be certain it works well before applying it to your pride and joy! With this approach we stock products from Autoglym, Sonax, Gtechniq, Dodo Juice, Chemical Guys, Zaino, Autosmart, Car Pro and many more. If there’s a specific wax or LSP you love and you’d like us to use it we can also accommodate this as long as it will efficiently work with the other products used in the detail.

Porsche 997 Turbo - Protection Detail
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Porsche 997 Turbo - Protection Detail

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