Civic Type R EP3 - Protection Detail

Civic Type R Valet in Totton

Project details

  • Date

     October 19, 2014

  • Client

     Graeme Hall, Totton

  • Task

     Protection Detail

  • Category

     Detailing Portfolio

Graeme absolutely loves his Type R and uses it as was intended by Honda – driving enthusiastically where possible and even the occasional track-day! As he’s always wanted to keep it in tip-top condition he’s maintained it meticulously in a mechanical sense. However he felt that after two years of his ownership the paint needed a little love. After discussing Graeme’s requirements and his future plans for the car we decided that a Protection Detail was the best course of action. This would leave the car looking good for at least a few months if safe washing methods were followed after the detail. The process was as follows;

  • Rinse / Traffic Film Removal / Rinse
  • Safe Exterior Wash & Dry Process
  • All Exterior Paint Decontamination in Preparation for Polish – Clay Bar
  • Filling Polish Applied by Hand Masking the Majority of Imperfections – Autoglym Super Resin Polish
  • Premium Carnauba Wax Applied to All Exterior Paint and Buffed With Deep Pile Microfibre Towel – Autoglym HD Wax
  • Glass Cleaned & Sealed
  • Interior Vacuumed, Cleaned and Dressed
  • Archliners and Tyres Dressed

Here are the finished images – Graeme was very pleased with the result I’m happy to say!

S7000176 S7000177 S7000178 S7000179 S7000180 S7000181 S7000583

Looks better than when I bought it two years ago!
Graeme Hall, CTR Owner
Graeme Hall, CTR Owner