Ferrari 355 GTS F1 - Enhancement Detail

Ferrari F355 F1 Enhancement Detail

Project details

  • Date

     July 13, 2015

  • Client

     Andrew, Ringwood

  • Task

     Enhancement Detail

  • Category

     Detailing Portfolio

This was a special car and a pleasure to detail. The first road car to feature the F1 style paddle shift operated gearbox that would go on to be common place many years later! In classic Rosso Red this Ferrari has been used as intended by the owner on track days and race circuits- which is how it should be! However the owner now wants this fine machine to have more of a sedate life, away from the race track with a future of shows, meets and long country drives in mind. As part of that plan he wanted to re-juvenate the car’s paintwork and interior for the summer with plans for a re-spray to sort out the track rash around the front and lower parts of the car  come winter time. With the potential respray in mind I suggested the basic Enhancement Detail package featuring a hand polish via Autoglym Super Resin, rather than going the machine route. Not only does this makes things cheaper for the owner – it also makes a lot of sense considering large portions of the paint may be getting replaced completely within the next year. Autoglym Super Resin is still very capable of improving the appearance of a car’s paint work and when coupled with the other stages in the package certainly gives a wow factor to the finished article.

Unfortunately the weather was against us a little bit on this detail with spells of rain trying to spoil the fun. When it looked like the rain had cleared off for the day we got the car out of the garage to finish the interior and seal the paintwork however the inclement weather returned just when I was taking the finished pictures! Very frustrating as I didn’t manage to get any finished shots of the lovely V8 engine and the gleaming paintwork in the sun. However, I will hopefully see this car again in the future and I’ll be sure to get some more snaps then. Here’s a run down of the complete process:

  • Full Interior Vacuum
  • Interior Dressed with Poorboys Natural Look
  • Interior Leather Rejuvenated with Autoglym Leather Balm
  • Wheels Cleaned with Acid Free Cleaner and an Array of Brushes
  • Engine Bay Cleansed with APC and Various Brushes & Dressed with Autoglym Super Sheen
  • Traffic Film Remover Applied to Exterior of Car
  • Full External Wash with Our Paint Safe Process – 2Bucket Method with Dodo Juice Sour Power and Lambswool Wash Mitts
  • Tar & Iron Deposits Removed with Autoglym Tar Remover
  • Paint Cleanse with Claymit
  • Dry With Deep Pile Microfibre Towels
  • Exterior Paint Surfaces and Rear Lights Polished with Autoglym Super Resin via Foam Hand Applicators
  • One Layer of Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid Sealant Applied to Paint by hand as LSP
  • Wheels Sealed with Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid
  • Glass Cleaned with Sonax Glass
  • Tyres & Plastics Dressed & Rejunenated using Sonax Extreme and FinishKare Top Kote
  • Exhaust Tailpipes Polished with Brasso and Auglym Metal Polish

Here are the pictures of this lovely machine, enjoy.

You wouldn't guess it was an 18 year old car!
Ringwood, New Forest