Peugeot 207 - Complete Valet

Peugeot 207 Complete Valet

Project details

  • Date

     March 5, 2015

  • Client

     Lauren, Marchwood

  • Task

     Complete Valet

  • Category

     Detailing Portfolio

The owner of this Peugeot 207 booked her car in for a Complete Valet with the main objective of improving the condition of the car’s interior. The previous owner was a smoker and despite the use of air fresheners, the smokey scent lingered within a lot of the car’s fabric. So, a service was planned to give the car a good clean, wax and to refresh and de-odourise the interior, allowing the new owner to forget about the previous smokey joe.

After the car was dropped off I inspected the interior thoroughly and came to the conclusion that the previous owner was not only a smoker but certainly not against dragging mud and sand onto their seats! As you can see from many of the before pictures, in the gallery below, the seats had plenty of marks and stains on them. During the clean I noticed that the offside headlight had been particularly affected by green moss type stains. This sort of thing, if left, can be incredibly hard to clean off and can bake onto the surface of the light. So I used a clay bar and some Dodo Juice Born Slippy to lift much of the algae from the light. This didn’t remove the stains entirely (I think a machine polish would be the best bet for that) but it did improve the look of the light considerably.

So after the Complete Valet package treatment to the exterior – using Autoglym Aqua Wax to seal the car and offer protection from the elements for a good number of weeks, I set about the interior. The inside was fully vacuumed, including boot area, dash and plastics and the mats. As the interior needed de-odourising I used a fresh scented all purpose cleaner on the seats and interior fabrics, along with a microfibre towel, to remove the majority of the dirt and stains. This worked pretty well – clearing about 85% of the mud and marks. I would loved to have spent more time getting an even better result on the seats but, understandably, the customer wanted a big improvement that didn’t cost the earth – I think we certainly achieved that.  The inside was then fragranced with Autoglym Autofresh which has de-odourising properties and a nice citrusy new car type smell.

Here is a run down of the overall process;


  • Rinse with Pressure Washer
  • Wheel Trims Cleaned with Acid Free Cleaner
  • Safe Exterior Wash Using Dodo Juice Sour Power and Lambswool Mitt
  • LSP Applied via Autoglym Aqua Wax
  • Exterior Plastics Dressed and Tyres Dressed with Autoglym Super Sheen
  • Glass Cleaned Inside and Out with Sonax Glass Cleaner
  • Interior Vacuumed and Cleaned with Fresh APC
  • Interior De-Odourised & Fragranced with Autoglym Autofresh
  • Interior Plastics Dressed


When the owner returned to collect the car she was over the moon with the results. She was especially happy with the interior and text me after she had got home to remark on how fresh it smelt! Another happy customer.


Really pleased with what you've done - it smells very fresh and clean. Thanks!