Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon - Comprehensive Valet & Enhancement Detail

Subaru Impreza Paint Correction in The New Forest

Project details

  • Date

     May 30, 2014

  • Client

     My Own Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon

  • Task

     Enhancement Detail - Paint Correction & Protection

  • Category

     Detailing Portfolio

This is actually my own car. I’ve always loved turbo cars – that kick in the back you get once the turbo-lag has been overcome is very addictive! The four wheel drive has come in very handy on several wintry drives too making driving in the snow far less treacherous. We use the car well in our household too – the bike gets slung in the back regularly and the estate shape comes in handy when the tip runs get dealt with. Due to the use the car gets the paint has always been far from perfect, it had many scratches from hedges (we used to live in rural Devon where there was a lot of hedge scratching going on!) and miscellaneous marks from it’s 115k+ miles. In that sense it’s an ideal project car for me as my mission with it is too help it mask it’s age and mileage as much as possible. During this extensive clean, which is essentially an Enhancement Detail, I looked to remove the majority of the car’s paint defects as economically as possible. The process was as follows;

  • Rinse / Traffic Film Removal / Rinse
  • Safe Exterior Wash & Dry Process
  • All Exterior Paint Decontamination in Preparation for Polish – Clay Bar & Iron and Tar Removal
  • Dual Stage Machine Polish with Rotary Polisher with Cutting & Polishing Compounds
  • Premium Wax Sealant Applied to All Exterior Paint and Buffed With Deep Pile Microfibre Towel – Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid
  • Glass Cleaned & Sealed
  • Interior Vacuumed, Cleaned and Dressed
  • Archliners and Tyres Dressed

All the minor scratches and hazings particularly on the wings (which were actually pretty bad) were removed giving around 90% correction and a glass like finish. This dramatically improved the reflection in the paint which I think shows in the pictures. After polishing I applied Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid wax which gave a lovely depth of shine and is engineered to protect the car’s look for 4-6 months – this is a finish I recommend to many clients. Here are the finished results – any questions on the process or any of our services then do get in touch.

Subaru Impreza Paint Correction in The New Forest Subaru Impreza Paint Correction in The New Forest Subaru Impreza Paint Correction in The New Forest


Clean. Shine. Protect.
  • Clean via Safe Wash Method
  • Decontaminate Painted Surfaces
  • Dual Stage Machine Polish Paint Correction with Appropriate Fluids
  • Apply Protection Layer - in This Case a Hybrid Carnauba Wax Sealant for Long Lasting Paint Protection