Suzuki Alto - Complete Valet+

Suzuki Alto Valet

Project details

  • Date

     February 14, 2015

  • Client

     Hayley Clark, Bournemouth

  • Task

     Complete Valet

  • Category

     Detailing Portfolio

I had another little Alto dropped off for a thorough tidy up this week. The owner had been covering a fair amount of miles over the past couple of months and the winter roads had really dirtied up this little hatch. So, the owner and I settled on the most economical of our service packages – the Complete Valet. Although, due to the heavy soiling inside and out it was definitely going to take me a little longer than usual to bring this car back up to a good standard and we factored that in.

As the car had so much road salt and grime on its paint surface I decided to start with a full TFR treatment to the exterior including the arches and tyres. This took some of the initial grime off, meaning that the usual safe wash process was undertook without the risk of dragging too many contaminants over the paint. To give the paint some extra gloss I used Dodo Juice Sour Power which has a glossing agent included within the mixture. At this stage the car was already starting to look a hell of a lot better. Grills, vents and door shuts were cleaned with Autoglym Clean All and various detailing brushes. The wheel trims were also cleaned during this stage. Once the car was rinsed I then applied Autoglym Aqua Wax to give the car a glossy shine and protect it from the elements for the next few weeks at the very least.

Work then started on the interior. Due to the car’s heavy use over the last couple of months there was plenty of dust (even dust-balls!) and debris to deal with on the interior surfaces and carpets. There was also some minor staining to the seats. To remedy this the car had a thorough vacuum throughout. Seats and interior plastics were cleaned with Autoglym Super Interior and the plastics were then buffed for an as new matt finish. Needless to the say the owner was very pleased with the finished article – actually proclaiming that it had only looked this good once before – the day she bought it! I enjoyed this one too as it’s always satisfying taking a heavily soiled car from filthy to gleaming. This little Suzuki will now benefit from a regular valet as the owner is now booked in for monthly cleans. Here was the full process;

  • Traffic Film Remover to Exterior
  • Rinse with Pressure Washer
  • Wheel Trims Cleaned with Acid Free Cleaner
  • Safe Exterior Wash Using Dodo Juice Sour Power
  • LSP Applied via Autoglym Aqua Wax
  • Exterior Plastics Dressed with Autoglym Super Sheen
  • Glass Cleaned Inside and Out with Sonax Glass Cleaner
  • Interior Vacuumed and Cleaned with Autoglym Super Interior
  • Interior Plastics Dressed
  • Tyres Dressed

And here is a range of images from the valet – definitely a big improvement!


This is the best it has looked since it left the showroom. Thanks so much.
Hayley Clark, Bournemouth
Hayley Clark, Bournemouth