Suzuki Alto - Exterior Protection Detail

Suzuki Alto Valet Southampton

Project details

  • Date

     January 18, 2015

  • Client

     Lauren Smith, Southampton

  • Task

     Protection Detail

  • Category

     Detailing Portfolio

This little Suzuki Alto was a pleasure to detail, not least because of its diminutive size! To be fair to the owner it’s kept relatively clean too which always means there’s less work to be done when preparing the paint surfaces for protection layers. This was a key point as this detail was all about protection. The owner was concerned that the car was not protected from the winter elements and salt on the roads so booked the little Alto in for a Protection Detail. A key issue was also apparent when I was inspecting the car- the rear driver side door was severely scuffed in several places and the owner had mentioned that despite using the local hand-car wash several times since the marks appeared (some time last summer) they were not removed. I promised to investigate as best I could during the detail and suspected that some focused work with the clay bar could yield some good results.

After my usual safe wash routine and TFR I set to work with the clay, preparing the paint for a layer of protection later on. When I got round to the driver’s door it became apparent that these black scuff marks were very much bonded on, however they did not looked to have damaged the paint too much underneath and some gentle persistent passes with a Zaino Clay Bar and Autoglym Rapid Detailer gradually removed the marks, until the door was looking scuff free! The owner was absolutely chuffed with the results, she actually thought she would have to have a re-spray or some kind of touch up to remove them! Luckily I’ve saved her a job on that front. After the car was clayed it was dried with long pile microfibre towels. Then the protection layer was added in the form of Gtechniq C2v3 which should keep the car well protected from the elements right the way through into summer. Finally the plastics and tyres were dressed. Full process detailed below;


  • Apply Traffic Film Remover to Exterior
  • Rinsed with Pressure Washer
  • Wheels Cleaned with Acid Free Wheel Cleaner
  • Tar and Iron Deposit Removal
  • Safe Exterior Wash with Two Bucket Method and MF Mitt
  • Zaino Clay Bar used to Decontaminate Exterior Paint with Autoglym Rapid Detailer
  • Car Dried with Deep Pile Microfibres
  • Gtechniq C2v3 Applied to Exterior Paint as LSP
  • Wheel trims sealed with Chemical Guys Wheel Guard
  • Exterior Plastics and Trim Dressed with Autoglym Super Sheen

Here are some shots of the car – including the important before and afters on that previously scuff riddled door!

I'm literally amazed at the door. I honestly thought it would need some kind of new paint job! I'm so pleased you've sorted that because it was very annoying to look at, it makes my car look nearly new again.
Lauren Smith, Southampton
Lauren Smith, Southampton
2013 Suzuki Alto